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ResQRinse® Sinus Rinse for Kids
ResQRinse® Sinus Rinse for Kids
ResQRinse® Sinus Rinse for Kids
ResQRinse® Sinus Rinse for Kids
ResQRinse® Sinus Rinse for Kids

ResQRinse® Sinus Rinse for Kids

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Children, like adults, struggle with sinus issues and nasal congestion and in many instances can be more difficult to manage. Saline sinus rinsing can provide all-natural relief and eliminate the concerns related to introducing drugs for treatment of the ailments.

Sinus flushing or washing out the nose typically restores the normal flow of mucus and clears away irritants, allergens and pollutants from inside the nose. Routine nasal washes can keep infections from starting, help to clear infections, and even assist in managing sinus allergies in children.

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According to Robin Ray Green, acupuncturist and author of Nurture Healthy, Happy Kids The 5-Element Way, “If your child has a runny nose or nasal congestion, doing a daily saline sinus rinse can help tremendously! With the right nasal rinsing products, even children as young as two can do sinuses rinses.”

The ResQRinse for Kids nasal irrigation kit combines a proprietary saline rinsing solution with a simple, effective and fun nasal irrigation device. The ResQRinse for Kids nasal rinsing device eliminates the negative side effects typically associated with the neti pot or other rinsing devices. And eliminating the choking, gagging and throat irritation is key to getting any child to become a consistent and positive nasal rinser.

The ResQRinse device has been designed with a child sized comfort nasal tip and incorporates a mouthpiece to change the entire nasal rinsing experience. When blowing into the squeeze bottle design, the back of the throat is closed. This prevents fluid drainage down the back of the throat and the corresponding choking or gagging reflex that can typically occur with standard nasal rinsing devices or squeeze bottles.

Watch this video to get an idea of just how easy and quick the process can be.

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All-natural, drug-free saline nasal rinsing can soothe irritation, nasal dryness and reduce excess mucus. It has been shown to help manage and improve allergies, asthma and poor sleep due to congestion. 

  • Benefits of nasal washing and sinus rinsing:
  • Improves both nasal and sinus health by managing inflammation of nasal passages
  • Helps reduce and thin mucus
  • Helps prevent colds and other respiratory infections if used early
  • Can reduce the need for antibiotics, antihistamines, nasal steroids, decongestants and asthma medications in some patients
  • Moisturizes the nasal linings
  • May improve the sense of smell and taste
  • May reduce nosebleeds

You may have had poor experiences in the past with your children and other nasal rinsing devices. Chances are your child may not describe it as “easy,” “no big deal,” or even “fun.” And that is why the ResQRinse was invented.

We believe that nasal rinsing should be an easy, effective and POSITIVE experience that your child will come to feel is as normal as brushing their teeth or combing their hair.

With a little practice and encouragement from a parent at the start, nasal rinsing will become easy for your child.

Click here to View ResQRinse® Instructions for Use 
If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from allergies or sinus infections and are searching for relief, then it’s time to try ResQRinse®. Using a traditional neti pot, nasal lavage system, or nose vacuum can be painful, expensive, or uncomfortable, not to mention cause negative side effects. Regular nasal rinsing can offer massive relief from pain, discomfort, and pressure due to illness, infection, or irritation, but because the traditional methods are less than enjoyable, it’s unfortunately not used as often as it should. ResQRinse takes the frustration out of regular nasal rinsing and instead allows you to control the flow of the saline solution, while also eliminating the discomfort associated with the neti pot and other nasal irrigation devices.

By using the Nasal Lock™ approach, you won’t feel like you’re slowing being waterboarded, experience water trickling down the back of your throat, or feel like your ears are swollen and full after rinsing. You control the flow of the saline solution by blowing into the ResQRinse® nasal irrigation device, which thus controls the speed of the saline solution into your nasal passages. This method, called choanal occlusion, cuts off access to your throat, airway, and lungs, making it almost impossible to feel like you might be drowning or experiencing the ear fullness irritation that so many users report. Not only will nasal rinsing become easy and simple to do, but you’ll begin to experience the amazing benefits of clear sinuses and nasal passages as well!

The ResQRinse® Nasal Rinse System is the perfect starter pack for any nasal rinsing beginner, someone who has rinsed before with other nasal irrigation devices and wants to try the ResQRinse® system, or as a backup or spare for a regular ResQRinse® nasal rinsing system user. If you’re looking for a drug-free option for sinus pressure or pain, want to do everything possible to help reduce the symptoms of seasonal or perennial allergies, or struggle with chronic sinus infections or illness, the ResQRinse® nasal rinsing system is a great nasal irrigation device to add to your arsenal.

The perfect remedy to congestion, sinus pressure, and nasal drip, the ResQRinse® nasal rinsing system will make nasal rinsing enjoyable and dare we say - fun! The nasal irrigation device is completely natural and drug-free, and the Sinoptim® premixed saline solution packets are pH balanced to eliminate burning or stinging. They’re also preservative and iodine free, ensuring that your nasal rinsing solution is gentle and effective. You can rinse daily or as needed and experience the clear sinuses and deep breaths that nasal rinsing has to offer.

Dr. Stephen Chandler, the ENT MD who developed the ResQRinse® system, recommends regular nasal rinsing to nearly all of his patients but realized quickly that nasal rinsing wasn’t comfortable or enjoyable. He created ResQRinse® to allow allergy sufferers and those with sinus infections or illnesses to be able to rinse their nasal passages daily without pain, choking, gagging, or stinging. We’re proud to offer quality and American-made products. Everything we sell is made in the U.S. and meets or exceeds our high-quality standards.  If you’re ready to begin a journey to optimal sinonasal health, then order your ResQRinse® nasal rinsing system today!