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ResQRinse® Complete 90 Day Count Kit

ResQRinse® Complete 90 Day Count Kit

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Here it is! The breakthrough device you’ve been waiting for. Easy, all-natural sinus relief without the gag!

Physician-designed and physician-recommended, ResQRinse® is ready to make your life better, one rinse at a time.

Includes: One 10 oz Original ResQRinse® device, plus 95 ResQRinse® Saline Packets, and a 3-Pack of Premium ResQRinse Cleaning Brushes.

Great ResQRinse rinsing kit for regular sinus rinsers who know they will be rinsing daily, or a few times every week. Let your mind be free; No need to refill the saline packets for 95 days!

Note: Please keep out of reach of children and read Instructions For Use in packaging before first use.

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Click here to View ResQRinse® Instructions for Use

If you’re ready to experience clear nasal passages, deep, full breaths, and an increased quality of life, then it’s time to order your 90-day kit from Sinoptim®! Perfect for those who anticipate the symptoms of seasonal allergies, want to arm themselves for the onslaught of cold and sinus infection season, or who simply are interested in rinsing daily for an extended period of time, this 90-day supply kit has everything you need for optimal sinonasal health. Order yours today!

Created and developed by an ENT doctor, the ResQRinse® nasal rinsing system takes the negative effects of traditional nasal rinsing devices away and instead makes nasal rinsing easy, healing, and effective. By employing the Nasal Lock™ approach, the ResQRinse nasal irrigation device utilizes the same anatomy as blowing up a balloon. This helps to shut off access to the throat and lungs and instead keeps the saline solution where it should be - the nasal passages. The Nasal Lock approach eliminates the negative effects that many individuals complain of when using a traditional nasal rinsing device: gagging, ear pressure, ear pain, nausea, the sensation of drowning, water running down the back of the throat, and burning. You can use the ResQRinse nasal rinsing device as often as you need or even every day, which is why the 90-day kit is ideal for those who are committed to regularly rinsing their nasal passages for optimal sinonasal health.

Allergy sufferers, both seasonal and perennial, will love using the ResQRinse nasal irrigation device. This nasal rinse system takes the guesswork, pain, and discomfort out of nasal rinsing and instead allows you to be in control. By regularly removing nasal debris, dust, pollen, dirt, and other irritants, individuals will experience increased sinonasal health as a result of rinsing every day or as needed. Also, this is a completely drug-free and natural option. Proudly made in the USA, with headquarters in Colorado, the ResQRinse nasal irrigation device and the Sinoptim premixed packets of saline solution are of the highest quality. In fact, the device is made of food-grade specification and is latex-free. The premixed saline packets are USP grade 99 percent or higher, and are finely ground so the solution will dissolve easily in sterile or distilled water. Because of the gentle and drug-free nature of the ResQRinse nasal rinsing system, those who are unable to take allergy medication will greatly benefit from our products, as well as children, when recommended and overseen by their primary care physician or pediatrician.

By purchasing your Sinoptim 90-day kit, containing the ResQRinse bottle, cleaning brushes, and a 90-day supply of Sinoptim saline, you can rest assured that you are on your way to experiencing deeper, fuller breaths and a renewed sense of vigor and health. If you’re tired of the negative effects of the neti pot or other nasal rinsing devices, then it’s time to order your 90-day kit.

You can order your 90-day kit online from our website, our Amazon store or Walmart online today! Take charge of your sinonasal health and start rinsing today! Order now!