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Res-Q-Rinse Nasal Rinse Testimonials & Real Reviews 


"ResQRinse is the most effective sinus rinse I've ever recommended. The innovative design avoids the choking/drowning sensation that patients often describe." - 

Dr. Demetrio J. Aguila, III, M.D. FACS, 

Dr. Aguila is an ENT, reconstructive and plastic surgeon, skilled in comprehensive reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. He specializes in nasal and upper airway problems and obstructive sleep apnea. Learn more about Healing Hands.

“When I first tried ResQRinse, I was impressed by the innovative design and how easy it was to use. I quickly became a regular ResQRinser. Working at our ENT practice, I have seen the benefits I’ve experienced reflected in our patients who have tried ResQRinse.“ - Tessa

“I want to thank you for the extra trouble you took to ensure that my ResQRinse and sachets arrived given the problems created by my overseas billing details.  I was so impressed with the service and extraordinary care and concern you showed to make sure that I received the products promptly and efficiently." - Sharon

“I’m fairly new to rinsing, but this product has changed my life! I used it while I was sick to avoid the crummy decongestants out there (especially since I’m pregnant), and it’s actually let me sleep at night free of a stuffy nose. On top of that, living in Colorado is rough on my nose in general." - Sani

“ResQRinse cleans you out more than other systems. When I use it, I know for sure that I will have a clean nose. I tried another nasal rinse device, but it didn’t clean me out as well, and I had a really bad feeling from the solution running down my throat." - Lewis

“I have been through two sinus surgeries and was prescribed rinsing as a surgery follow-up and general daily regimen. Believe me, I have tried every bottle and device out in the market today. I had an opportunity to start using the ResQRinse and my world changed." - Jeanne

“Wow, what a difference! I’ve been rinsing for years as a way to treat my allergies and this is, by far, the easiest rinsing device I’ve ever tried. It’s so easy to do and fast! And no more nasty saline solution down the throat – yuck! You have a fan for life!” - Cory

“We all love how easy ResQRinse® is to use! My 14-year-old daughter said, ‘Wow, that’s easy! I really like this!’ My husband really liked how he did not have to lean his head to the side to use it and how easy it was to use, too. We are all big fans!" - Challen

“I had zero expectations for this! But after the 1st use I could tell a difference! I get sinus infections every 2 months and I could tell I was getting another one and I think so far it is helping a lot! Hope this continues. Using it twice a day. Very pleased!“ - Bonnie

“I’ve dealt with sinus allergies my whole life, but when racing, I can’t take many of the OTC decongestants as they are banned substances. I have used a Neti Pot in the past, but the discomfort and lack of portability makes it inconvenient and uncomfortable. ResQRinse is decidedly different. Not only is it more comfortable" - Becky

“As the only rinse I’ve ever been able to try…I use it every day. Which I never thought I could do. Thanks for making a great product!” - Alyss