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Regular nasal rinsing with the ResQRinse® nasal irrigation device will allow you to breathe deeper and enjoy optimal sinonasal health. If you are an allergy sufferer or struggle with chronic congestion or sinusitis, nasal rinsing can truly improve the quality of your life. Created in 2016 by Dr. Stephen Chandler, this easy to use nasal irrigation device eliminates the negative effects associated with nasal rinsing. If you’ve used a neti pot, other nasal irrigation device, or a nasal lavage system, you probably experienced gagging, choking, or even burning due to the saline solution from your sinuses trickling down the back of your throat. The ResQRinse nasal rinsing system cuts off access to your throat, airway, and lungs by utilizing choanal occlusion, a physiological process. In the same way that you inflate a balloon, you blow into the mouthpiece of the ResQRinse nasal irrigation device. When doing this, your nasal passages are isolated, allowing the saline solution to stay in your sinus cavities, where it can do the most good. Your ears are also protected so you won’t feel the fullness or pain that many associate with other nasal irrigation systems. Because ResQRinse takes the negative effects away from nasal rinsing, users can enjoy their daily rinse or as often as they need with no gagging, choking, or burning.

This nasal rinsing system is revolutionary for anyone who wants to benefit from and experience optimal sinonasal health. Children as young as three can enjoy relief from seasonal allergies or a sinus infection, and those who have chronic sinus conditions or sinusitis can reduce their symptoms by rinsing every day. Also, those who have COPD, perennial allergies, sleep apnea, and even individuals who have excellent sinonasal health can reap the benefits that nasal rinsing has to offer. With regular rinsing, nasal passages and sinus cavities will heal from infections or illness, and nasal debris, allergens, dust, dirt, mold, and other environmental irritants will be greatly reduced. The user will be left with not only clear sinuses and nasal passages, but the ability to breathe deeply.

If you’re ready to experience optimal sinonasal health and deep, clear breaths, or if you’re fed up with other nasal irrigation devices and their negative effects, then it’s time to try ResQRinse nasal rinsing system. Order yours from our website, our Amazon store or Walmart online today! Rinse. Breathe. Live.