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For Health Care Providers Interested in Res-Q-Rinse Nasal Rinse

“As clinicians we know that successful outcomes are most often the result of a patient’s ability and willingness to comply with a given treatment regimen. Through years of treating both recurrent acute and chronic sinusitis patients, I have found that very few will maintain consistent use of recommended daily nasal rinsing. Although they are aware of the benefits of sinonasal lavage they are reluctant to comply, largely due to the choking, gagging and sometimes painful experience associated with the use of other nasal rinsing devices. And this is why I invented the ResQRinse® nasal irrigation device.”
Dr. Stephen Chandler MD ENT

Regular nasal rinsing can offer incredible relief for individuals who suffer from seasonal or perennial allergies, indoor allergies, chronic sinusitis, or nasal irritation due to environmental factors, such as pollution or fumes. Not only does nasal lavage rinse away nasal debris, pollen, allergens, and other irritants, but it allows the sinus cavities and nasal passages to heal. This promotes optimal sinonasal health and a reduction in symptoms. Other nasal rinsing devices and the neti pot are often associated with negative side effects, such as gagging, burning, stinging, and even a feeling of being waterboarded. This is why nasal rinsing is not used more often. ResQRinse® eliminate those issues with the Nasal Lock™ approach and makes sinonasal lavage a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. For more information about the science behind the Nasal Lock™ technology, click here.

The ResQRinse® nasal rinsing system is made in the state of Colorado out of quality materials. The ResQRinse nasal irrigation device is made of food-grade specifications and is latex-free. The premixed saline solution packets have a USP purity grade of 99 percent or higher, are pH balanced, and are ground to a fine powder, so they can be easily dissolved with distilled or sterile water. The nasal rinsing system is also affordable, easy to use, and can be used daily or as needed. You can view all our products on our products page.

By regularly using the ResQRinse® nasal irrigation device, individuals can experience drug-free relief from sinonasal congestion, irritation, and infection. Experiencing the ability to breathe deeply through clear sinuses and nasal cavities can be revolutionary to many longtime sufferers. By offering the  ResQRinse® nasal rinsing system to your patients, you can help them achieve optimal sinonasal health, without the negative effects associated with other nasal irrigation devices. ResQRinse® is ideal for nearly everyone, as it is natural and drug-free.

  • ResQRinse® makes sinus rinsing more comfortable and more effective, without the negative side effects of traditional methods (i.e. gagging and choking!).
  • ResQRinse® is easy to use for medical or surgical adjunctive treatment, as well as comprehensive sinonasal wellness and preventative care.
  • ResQRinse® is affordable, all-natural, drug-free, and travel-ready, making it easy for patients to follow prescribed treatment protocols.

If you're interested in offering ResQRinse® to your patients, we'd like to make it easy. We have both Reseller and Referral programs available for you and your business. Please write to us at: