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Using a neti pot can be a hassle, and cause uncomfortable and even painful side effects. Many who use it report feeling nauseated after finishing their nasal rinse due to the saline solution running down the back of their throat. No one wants a belly full of salt water! Other nasal irrigation devices can be hard to use, bulky, or expensive. ResQRinse takes the guesswork, discomfort, and frustration out of nasal rinsing. If you suffer from allergies, congestion, or sinusitis and long to breathe deeply again, then it’s time to try ResQRinse!

Because the ResQRinse nasal irrigation device was developed by an ENT MD, you can be sure that it will bring the relief that only nasal rinsing can without the negative side effects of other nasal irrigation devices. Dr. Stephen Chandler, the inventor of ResQRinse, recommends nasal rinsing for nearly everyone, especially those who struggle with cold and flu season, sinusitis, seasonal or perennial allergies, or sinonasal irritation due to environmental factors, such as pollution, weather, or fumes. Nasal rinsing is also an effective remedy for kids, and can help them to enjoy playing outdoors and participating in their favorite extracurricular activities without sinus pain, pressure, or drainage. ResQRinse is completely natural and drug-free, making it an excellent alternative for those who are unable to take medications or those who would prefer an alternative, medicine-free route to their nasal and sinus issues. Either way, if you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from sinusitis, sinonasal congestion and drainage, or allergies, ResQRinse nasal rinsing system is for you.

If you’ve tried nasal rinsing before, then you’ve probably experienced clearer nasal passages and deeper, clearer breaths. However, you might have not been a fan of the negative side effects. Don’t miss out any longer on optimal sinonasal health due to sinus or nasal issues. Try the ResQRinse nasal irrigation device for clear nasal passages and sinus cavities without burning, gagging, or choking. Stop in and purchase yours from our retail partners located across the United States, or order yours online from our website, our Amazon store or Walmart online today!

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