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About Res-Q-Rinse Nasal Rinse - The "New neti pot"

All Of The Benefits of Nasal Irrigation Without The Gagging


“Our son has struggled with blocked sinuses so bad that he wasn’t able to smell, taste, or move any air through his nose most the time. We tried almost everything with no results. In fact, the ENT we saw said he needed to have surgery when he stopped growing and that would be the only way he’d improve. It is truly a miracle what ResQRinse® has done for him. He’s been using ResQRinse® now for about 6 weeks and has realized dramatic results. He is able to breathe through his nose and taste his food!”
- James from Loveland, CO

This is just one story from the nearly 70 million sinus and allergy sufferers, and just one of the many reasons we created ResQRinse®

Despite the proven health benefits of doctor-recommended saline irrigation to help patients breathe freely, sinonasal rinsing is often met with poor compliance.

Patients frequently report that traditional options such as the centuries-old neti pot and other commercial saline nasal lavage methods leave them choking and gagging due to more saline solution going down their throat as opposed to coating the nasal cavity.

So Dr. Stephen Chandler, a Board Certified ENT who has completed over 20,000 sinus procedures, set out to find a better solution.

This revolutionary device is designed to help not only ENT surgical patients, but those with allergies, military personnel, youth as young as three, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) sufferers, individuals with sinus infections and illnesses, as well as the greater population seeking an all-natural treatment for better health, wellness, and prevention.

“Sinonasal irrigation is one of the most important proactive, therapeutic measures for allergy and sinus sufferers. In my work treating both recurrent acute and chronic sinusitis patients, I’ve found that patients are aware of the health benefits of rinsing, but are reluctant to comply, largely due to the choking, gagging and other uncomfortable experiences associated with nasal rinsing devices. This is why I invented ResQRinse®.”  

-Dr. Stephen Chandler

About SinOptim

Our mission:

To offer a device that makes nasal rinsing more comfortable and effective so that our users can enjoy relief, make it easier to follow their doctor’s prescribed treatment protocol and improve their quality of life.

SinOptim, LLC is a privately held company founded in 2016 to design and market nasal irrigation solutions for optimal sinus health. We strive to make every-day sinus rinsing a positive experience by designing an easy-to-use, effective, comfortable nasal irrigation system that will greatly improve compliance with doctor-recommended treatment and promote health and wellness for all who suffer with sinus conditions or allergies. With headquarters in Longmont, Colo., SinOptim products are made in Colorado and seek to be environmentally friendly and promote active lifestyles.