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Neti Pot Vs ResQRinse: The Nose to Nose Battle

POSTED: July 17, 2018 ResQRinse and neti pots have a common goal in sinus rinsing, but the user experience can be quite different. The centuries-old neti pot provides a nasal lavage, but requires complicated positioning by the user and often results in discomfort, gagging, and choking. The new, innovative ResQRinse device is comfortable and easy to use, and works naturally with the breathing process to isolate the nasal passages and prevent fluid down the throat. Here, we will examine the similarities and the differences, and also provide user feedback comparing the two devices. The Reason for Nasal Rinsing and What These Devices Have in Common ResQRinse and traditional neti pots are both nasal irrigation systems designed to help rid the body of germs and other foreign matter that commonly...

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Show Us Your Uvula!

POSTED: MARCH 29, 2018Do you even know what a uvula is? Get your mind out of the gutter! Everyone has one, and unlike Sheldon Cooper, you don’t need to feel embarrassed about it. To put it simply, your uvula is the flap of skin hanging down in the back of your throat! For the brainiacs out there, here is our resident ENT Dr. Stephen Chandler’s anatomic/embryologic contribution: The palate anatomically separates the nasal cavity from the oral cavity and structurally has a bony (hard) anterior component and a muscular (soft) posterior component ending with the uvula. The oral side of the palate is covered with a squamous stratified (pluristratified) epithelium. The surface of the hard palate of most mammalian species is further thrown...

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Nasal Irrigation: Calm Your Nose Without The Side Effects

POSTED: MARCH 8, 2018 You may have experienced this – the feeling that your head is in a vice. The pounding, the thumping, the running toward the medicine cabinet in seek of an aspirin or twelve. Yes, migraines are anything but minor. Those who suffer from migraines often know the triggers. Lack of sleep, light, stress, certain odors, and – tragically – coffee may all bring about a headache. Yet, what you might not realize is that nasal sprays can be a trigger, too. Nasal sprays are intranasal corticosteroids used to tame the nose. They’re often used in cases of rhinitis, a condition that occurs when the blood vessels inside the nose expand and the nose swells. This leads to congestion. They quickly...

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Nasal Rinsing As A Drug-Free Allergy Solution

POSTED: FEBRUARY 8, 2018 Allergies are exceptionally common in all ages: more than 50 million people in the US suffer from them. And that leaves us running toward the drug store aisles. Come to mama, antihistamines – you can make it all better! But as easy as it is to pop a pill, drugs used to control allergy symptoms aren’t free of side-effects. In fact, some drugs have side effects that can interfere with the ability to function in daily life. One of the most common side effects of allergy medicine is drowsiness, and certain drugs can make you so sleepy that you are unable to drive (safely, at the very least). The newer medications are less likely to cause drowsiness, but they can cause other...

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