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Show Us Your Uvula!

Do you even know what a uvula is? Get your mind out of the gutter! Everyone has one, and unlike Sheldon Cooper, you don’t need to feel embarrassed about it.

To put it simply, your uvula is the flap of skin hanging down in the back of your throat!

For the brainiacs out there, here is our resident ENT Dr. Stephen Chandler’s anatomic/embryologic contribution:

The palate anatomically separates the nasal cavity from the oral cavity and structurally has a bony (hard) anterior component and a muscular (soft) posterior component ending with the uvula. The oral side of the palate is covered with a squamous stratified (pluristratified) epithelium. The surface of the hard palate of most mammalian species is further thrown into a series of transversal palatal ridges or rugae palatinae. Both the palatal ridge number and arrangement are also species specific.

…and kind of like that kids tune, “when you’re up, you’re up! When you’re down, you’re down! And when you’re only halfway up, your neither up nor down…” your uvula moves up and down the back of your throat to open and close your nasal pathways. Try it now!

In the case of nasal rinsing, however, you definitely want that uvula in its upright and locked position.

So, how do you accomplish that? Other companies will tell you to say the letter “K” while you are rinsing…with your head tilted to the side…standing at an awkward angle…trying to aim for the sink in what you hope will be a maneuver that gets the fluid to go in one nostril and out the other, without going down the back of your throat. It’s rarely successful. It’s overly complicated.

That’s why ResQRinse created our Nasal-Lock™ technology! By using our patented design, you can lock the ol’ uvula into place without even thinking about it, actually locking off the nasal cavity and ensuring that what goes up does not go down. No more gagging. No more choking. Purchase your ResQRinse device on our website today!

That’s your lesson for today on anatomy.

Next up: epiglottis anyone?