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Neti Pot Vs ResQRinse: The Nose to Nose Battle

POSTED: July 17, 2018

ResQRinse and neti pots have a common goal in sinus rinsing, but the user experience can be quite different. The centuries-old neti pot provides a nasal lavage, but requires complicated positioning by the user and often results in discomfort, gagging, and choking. The new, innovative ResQRinse device is comfortable and easy to use, and works naturally with the breathing process to isolate the nasal passages and prevent fluid down the throat.

Here, we will examine the similarities and the differences, and also provide user feedback comparing the two devices.

Neti Pot vs ResQRinse | Nasal Rinsing

The Reason for Nasal Rinsing and What These Devices Have in Common

ResQRinse and traditional neti pots are both nasal irrigation systems designed to help rid the body of germs and other foreign matter that commonly irritate the delicate sinus membranes of the human nose. Regular nasal rinsing promotes sinus health by flushing irritants, moisturizing membranes, and reducing inflammation. Healthy nasal passages play defense against viruses and bacteria, and aid in the battle against environmental allergies as well. Environmental allergens include such irritants as grass, pollen, and pet dander, and cause countless people to suffer (either seasonally or year round).  

Like most of our bodies’ other systems, the human nose has built-in defense mechanisms. Nose hair or cilia, as unbecoming as we may think it to be, is one of the most obvious and effective examples. It helps trap bacteria, dirt, viruses, and anything else that you may inhale inadvertently. You can think of these cilia as the gatekeepers to your sinuses, but unfortunately, they don’t offer the ironclad protection that many of us wish we had.

On occasion, infectious agents and other irritants get into the nose and make themselves at home. That is true for anyone, but especially for people who live with constant nasal irritation. The integrity of the sinus membranes and nasal cilia can become severely compromised, leaving us vulnerable to all manner of foreign matter. That’s when it becomes essential to have a nasal irrigation device that is not only effective, but is also easy to use.  

Nasal irrigation works in harmony with the cilia – it introduces salt water into the passages, thinning out nasal mucus and supplementing your body’s own defenses. Nasal mucus requires a delicate balance in order to be most effective, and saline irrigation helps you achieve that balance by preventing mucus from becoming too thick, too dry, or too crusted over.

Both ResQRinse and traditional neti pots help flush out unwanted irritants and maintain a healthy environment in your nasal passageways. In that regard, they’re similar. They do come with a few very important differences, however.  

Comfort is Key for Nasal Rinsing

The key difference that we hear time and time again from our users has to do with the level of comfort offered by ResQRinse, and that is no accident. The thoughtful design of the device was meant to make nasal rinsing more enjoyable by avoiding the transfer of saline solution down your throat. ResQRinse achieves that superior experience by activating the natural process of choanal occlusion. You control the flow — and the pressure.

This is the same dynamic that allows you to blow up a balloon or any other function that requires your nose to be isolated from your throat.

By activating choanal occlusion, the ResQRinse device can deliver saline directly to your sinuses (right where you need it). When compared to traditional rinsing methods, which often result in throat irritation, hearing fullness, and a drowning sensation, it’s easy to see why so many users are happier with the design of our product.

ResQRinse is also designed with air flow in mind. Even for users with pulmonary challenges, the combination of squeezing the bottle and blowing is short, and gentle. As we’ve explained before on our blog, ResQRinse requires about 10 seconds for half of the bottle to be used according to normal rinsing guidelines. Switch sides, take another breath, and it’s another 10 seconds to reverse the flow through the alternate side.

ResQRinse is much easier for most users to tolerate, and shouldn’t leave you gasping for air or feeling lightheaded. This product was made so that people will truly use it, rather than simply claiming to use it.

If you’ve ever used a traditional neti pot, you’re probably well aware of the usual discomforts and inconveniences that go along with it.

Finding the right angle to tilt your head and bend your neck to administer the neti pot flow is uncomfortable and messy. Some users have gone as far as to suggest that neti pots should only be used in the shower in order to avoid a major mess. Others are challenged with the size of the spout, claiming that it’s too large to fit inside an average-sized nostril.

All of these issues have been addressed and negated by the unique, patent-pending design of ResQRinse.

So, let’s recap quickly:

ResQRinse is less messy and easier to use than traditional nasal rinsing devices.

Our device is more portable than traditional porcelain neti pots, and the overall design means it can be packed easily and used virtually anywhere (even on the go).

ResQRinse is designed to prevent throat irritation commonly experienced by neti pot users.

Our device works with your body’s natural processes in order to prevent saline rinse from leaking back into your throat, which can result in choking and gagging.

ResQRinse protects against that drowning sensation.

By activating the natural process of choanal occlusion, our device prevents saline from getting into the users’ lower airway passages (unlike most other nasal rinsing devices).

ResQRinse can prevent experiencing ear “fullness.”

The ResQRinse design prevents saline from becoming trapped in the users’ Eustachian tubes – another common problem experienced by neti pot users.
Still not convinced? Let’s hear what our users have to say.


What ResQRinse Users Say

Overall, most modern nasal rinsers would agree that neti pots are based on an outdated design. You don’t have to take our word for it, however. We have heard plenty of feedback from people who have experience using both products. Here are a few examples of what they’ve had to say:

“I, absolutely, prefer ResQRinse to …neti pot as a sinus rinse product. I have suffered from sinus issues and have had two intensive sinus surgeries in the last four years. I am very accustomed to the sinus rinse process, as I have to perform it as a daily regimen as well as a post surgery requirement… but I always found it messy, it sometimes plugged up my ears, and always went down the back of my throat. Very uncomfortable and unpleasant! I was introduced to ResQRinse six months ago and will NEVER go back!!! The ResQRinse sinus rinse experience is MUCH MORE gentle. The irrigation flow seems much more consistent and controlled, all the while, getting the job done! Gagging on the saline is a non-issue and the messiness factor is nonexistent. ResQRinse is a no-brainer for ANYONE who does daily sinus rinses.” Jeanne E.  

“I have used a Neti Pot in the past, but the discomfort and lack of portability makes it inconvenient and uncomfortable. ResQRinse is decidedly different. Not only is it more comfortable to use, it is easier to take with me.” Rebecca F.  

“I like other devices as well but this one seems to be easiest and fastest to use of the three types I have used. It does not get into your mouth or ears, which seems to be the concern I have with some other devices.” CactusWren  

“Finally, a nasal irrigation system that works for me! I have used a Neti pot … in the past. The Neti pot made me waterlogged … I have used ResQRinse several times. No more day-long ear pain! I have had two ENT physicians tell me to forget nasal irrigation because of my problems, but I can’t wait to tell my current doctor I’ve found success!” Ellen J.  

“Having gnarly allergies in the spring and fall I tried using a Neti Pot several different times. While the Neti Pot always yielded the results of clear breathing that I was after, I found it cumbersome and difficult to use. The ResQRinse system is much more user-friendly and it works great. Now I use it 1 to 2 times per day, quick and easy, and I feel 100 times better. Great product.” Noel B.

Nasal irrigation has been around for centuries; it’s only natural that modern innovation would help to improve an age-old practice. If you’re in the market for a new and improved nasal rinsing device, there is truly no better choice than ResQRinse.

About ResQRinse

ResQRinse is a new nasal rinsing system that uses choanal occlusion, a natural process that reduces the side effects common in other nasal irrigation systems. ResQRinse helps your nasal health by delivering the saline rinse directly through the nasal cavity. To learn more about the wonders it can do for your sinus or allergy condition, please check out these informative videos.