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Why the Salt Packet? Trust Me – Take My Word for It


Whether it is due to not drinking enough coffee or staying up for an all-night Game of Thrones marathon, everyone has an off moment from time to time. If you’ve ever had one while rinsing your nasal passages, you probably know what happens. Your flaming nostrils tell you!

Performing a nasal rinse without the salt packet is a great way to feel the burn, but not the kind of burn you like. Salt-free rinsing hurts, leaving you sporting a face that feels as if it’s on fire. It’s an entirely different experience without the balanced pH that salt provides. The salt also helps by thinning out nasal mucus and making cilia better at trapping and removing germs.

Now, it’s important to understand that not all salt solutions are created equally. The cheapest example, of course, is plain granular sodium chloride. At ResQRinse, however, we place utmost importance on making nasal rinsing a pleasant experience, so you’ll actually continue doing it. We want you to feel better, which is why we use a proprietary blend of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. The latter provides a unique buffer that reduces burning and stinging. It’s truly a superior solution, and it is extremely easy to use.

When mixing your salt packets, always remember that you should never use tap water because it lacks adequate filtration. We don’t worry as much about that with our drinking water, because stomach acid kills many of those waterborne pathogens. Your nasal membranes are much more delicate, however, so stick to using water that is either distilled or sterile.

Boiled tap water after it has cooled is also a viable option for rinsing, and the information that is included with the irrigation device provides specific instructions on how to rinse properly.

Of course, the quality of the solution matters, as well. All-natural solutions provide a gentler and more enjoyable rinsing experience. The ResQRinse all-natural solution is pH balanced and free of preservatives and iodine.

“The ResQRinse saline solution is all-natural, pH balanced, and preservative & iodine free. Other solutions on the market are granular sodium chloride only, which is the cheapest option. Our proprietary formula is USP grade, 99% pure sodium chloride & bicarbonate mixture, ground to a fine powder to dissolve instantly. The bicarbonate acts as a buffer, resulting in a much more pleasant rinsing experience. When added to purified water, this gentle formula adjusts the pH balance of the solution to match that of your body, reducing irritation and counteracting inflammation. This is perfect for:

  • Nasal allergies, dryness, & hay fever
  • Sinus pressure & nasal stuffiness
  • Post-nasal drip & nasal congestion
  • Nasal symptoms from flu & cold
  • Nasal irritation from everyday environmental invaders – dust, pet dander, pollution, and more”

-Dr. Stephen Chandler, MD ENT

When used correctly, nasal rinsing is an effective way to remove allergens, bacterium, viruses, and other irritants from the passages before they can enter – and annoy – the body. Rinsing can also help with allergies, sinus pressure, post-nasal drip, and cold and flu symptoms.

ResQRinse is a new nasal rinsing system that uses choanal occlusion, a process that maximizes benefits and comfort. ResQRinse helps your nasal health by delivering the saline rinse directly through the nasal cavity. To learn more about the wonders it can do for your nose, please check out these informative videos.