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How Much Nasal Rinse Solution Should You be Using?


Nasal rinse is a wonderful way to clear your sinuses and breathe easier. It’s ideal for those who suffer from sinus problems, those prone to allergies, and those who simply want to give their nose some TLC.

But, regardless of why you’re turning to nasal rinse, how much solution should you be using?

Different people will likely give you different answers. Someone with limited lung capacity may prefer to rinse with as little solution as possible, while deep sea divers may keep the rinse going for an entire quarter of NFL football.

That, it turns out, is overkill. The ideal amount of rinse is 5 ounces.

How did we arrive at this number?

Rinsing with 5 ounces fits in the window of tolerance for breath holding. When looking at the “comfortable duration” that most people can hold their breath, 5 ounces allows for maximizing respiratory comfort while maximizing rinse time.

Per Dr. Stephen Chandler, our expert ENT, “For RQR, it takes about 10 seconds for half a bottle under normal rinsing (plus or minus), then another 10 after people generally take a breath (deoxygenate) between sides. We tried to think of just about everything when we designed this, because we wanted people to actually USE it, not just proport to use it.”

Different strokes for different folks

Of course, people can hold their breath for varying amounts of time. On average, a healthy adult should be able to hold their breath for around two minutes (though holding your breath isn’t the same as holding it “comfortably”). People with underlying health problems, such as asthma, cardiac issues, or a paralyzed diaphragm, usually can’t hold it as often as others.

Then there are extreme cases of individuals holding their breath for longer than seems humanly possible. In fact, the longest breath hold in the Guinness Book of World Records is an astounding 24 minutes and 3 seconds, an accomplishment owned by Spain’s Aleix Segura. It’s a feat that was aided by the use of oxygen beforehand. Still, next time you need balloons blown up for a birthday party, find this man and hire him.

The 5 second recommendation considers the typical nasal rinse user and not those who seem to have gills.

ResQRinse is a new nasal rinsing system that uses choanal occlusion, a process that helps maximize the benefits of saline while maintaining comfort. ResQRinse helps your nasal health by delivering the saline rinse directly through the nasal cavity. To learn more about the wonders it can do for your nose, please check out these informative videos.