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Post-Surgery Garbage Odor: Why Does Getting Well Smell So Bad?

POSTED: OCTOBER 1, 2018 In the days following surgery, life doesn’t always come up smelling like roses. Instead, it can come up smelling like garbage. Yep, one of the more common side effects of a procedure performed on the nose or sinuses is an altered sense of smell. This can leave patients impatient and wanting to dive nose first into a flower garden. Many people experience this – they talk of smelling trash, mildew, or as if a wet dog has shrunken down and crawled into their nostrils. The intensity of this varies; some people experience a fleeting and minor smell and some experience one that overwhelms. The length of time also changes from person to person. Often, the smell begins to...

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Nasal Irrigation After Sinus Surgery: What You Need To Know

POSTED: JANUARY 25, 2018 For anyone who experiences chronic sinus problems that less conservative treatments don’t help, sinus surgery is a viable option. It can improve drainage, relieving your congestion and sinus pressure in the process. It’s a relatively minor procedure, but it’s still surgery. This means two things: milk it during the recovery process (you’ll get gifts!) and be sure to take care of yourself afterwards. Of course, this means getting plenty of rest and following your doctor’s orders, but it also means nasal rinse. Perhaps you’re skeptical. Perhaps you’re thinking – nasal rinse? That’s a fad. Perhaps you’re ready to cast it aside with the Atkin’s diet and jazzercise. But nasal rinse is effective (both after surgery and as a proactive measure)....

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