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How Nasal Rinsing Helps Keep the Flu Away

POSTED: NOVEMBER 23, 2017 The aches, the pains, the sore body and chills – it’s no wonder the flu begins with an F. But, while this illness is a reality for millions of people each year, it doesn’t have to be. Some things help us avoid catching this contagion (like getting a flu shot or never having kids!). Yet, for those who want a more natural solution, nasal rinsing can help.  Yep, the nose knows how to keep the flu at bay! To understand why nasal rinsing is effective, let’s first look at how the flu spreads. The flu is a contagious virus; being around someone who is sick is enough to make you sick, too. It usually enters your body through the nose,...

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Nasal Rinsing and Its Benefits

POSTED: NOVEMBER 9, 2017 Nasal rinsing has been around since the beginning of time – from the pterodactyl that (possibly) used it to rinse out its beak to the humans who used it as folk medicine – as long as there have been noses, there has been nasal rinsing. But, why the popularity? It’s easy: nasal rinsing allows us to breathe easier (and breathing is awesome!). It clears out the sinuses, removing mucus and muck and all kinds of junk. And it’s not just something that’s chalked up to lore; the medical field is behind nasal rinsing, too. In fact, doctors will tell you that it offers several proven benefits. Some of these perks include: Clearing the nose of mucus As mentioned above,...

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