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Antibiotics May Reduce Effectiveness of Flu Vaccine

POSTED: OCTOBER 1, 2019 A new research study by Stanford University shows antibiotics may reduce the effectiveness of the flu vaccine by disrupting the gut’s microbes. Have you had your flu shot yet? Doctors agree, the flu vaccine is recommended to avoid the flu virus. The Mayo Clinic says, “Getting a flu shot often protects you from coming down with the flu. This year’s annual flu shot will offer protection against three or four of the influenza viruses expected to be in circulation this flu season.”However, if you are taking antibiotics, that may reduce the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. According to a new research study reported by Everyday Health, antibiotics may make the flu vaccine less effective by disrupting gut microbes. A new...

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Study Shows Nasal Irrigation Boosts Exercise Performance

POSTED: SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 Study conducted by West Chester University Kinesiology Department shows nasal irrigation boosts exercise performance This study examining whether nasal irrigation boosts exercise performance was published in the Journal of Sport and Human Performance. According to the study’s abstract, the purpose was to, “examine nasal irrigation as a possible sodium bicarbonate ergogenic aid and observe its effect on exercise performance.” Many studies have been conducted related to consuming sodium bicarbonate – commonly known as “baking soda” – to improve exercise performance. According to an article in Healthline, “Sodium bicarbonate clears acid out of muscle cells, helping restore an optimal pH. This may decrease fatigue and increase performance.” However, consuming sodium bicarbonate orally can cause uncomfortable gastrointestinal distress. This study examined the...

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Nasal Rinsing is the Best Way to Fight Back-to-School Germs

POSTED: AUGUST 19, 2019 Children’s Hospitals agree! Nasal rinsing is the best way to fight back-to-school germs. Ask any Ear, Nose & Throat specialist, and they will tell you keeping the sinuses clean and healthy is key to a strong immune system. Flushing or washing out the nose restores the normal flow of mucus and clears away crusts from inside the nose. Routine nasal washes will help to clear infections, keep infections from starting, control nasal odors, decrease nasal stuffiness or promote healing after nasal or sinus surgery. –ChildrensDMC Parents, start your back-to-school germ fight TODAY before the onslaught of autumn colds and viruses begins. Study after study show the effectiveness of cleaning and moisturizing the sinuses to treat allergies and prevent infections. And...

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Nasal Rinsing for Kids: Your Gag-Free Solution

POSTED: JULY 30, 2019 Nasal Rinsing for Kids: Pediatricians & parents know they need it, but often children won’t tolerate traditional methods. Because of the gagging and choking common with traditional sinus irrigation methods, kids often approach having their noses cleaned with kicking and screaming. One pediatric ENT doctor and mother describes the miserable process she went through with her young daughter: “I crossed my legs over hers to keep them from flailing because the legs give more power to wiggle free. One of my arms crossed her body to hold both of her arms which allowed my free arm to rinse her nose with better control. Remember to watch your chin to avoid getting an angry head-butt!” Is holding your child down...

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Air Travel and Preventing Sinus Congestion

POSTED: JULY 19, 2019 Air Travel and Sinus Congestion: Two things that often go hand-in-hand. Here are some of the best remedies for preventing congestion while traveling by air. Also, the best treatments if you find yourself stuffed up during a flight. According to Dr. Garrett Bennett, a sinus and nasal surgery expert in New York, “understanding how air travel and your sinuses are related can be critical to prevent sinus pain and pressure.” In addition to ear pressure changes during take-off and landing, if you have sinus congestion prior to air travel, this pressure change can drastically. This can worsen ear pain, sinus pain, make colds worse, and also magnify allergy symptoms. Preventing Congestion Prior to Travel One of the best...

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