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Are You Breathing Polluted Air?

POSTED: JUNE 7, 2018 Take a deep breath. Just breathe. Inhale and exhale. These are all things we’re instructed to do throughout our day. Why? Because a breath of fresh air is supposed to be good for us. But – it turns out – we might be misinformed. According to a recent report, more than two out of every five people living in the United States are breathing in smog, air pollution, and the other unpleasantries that enter the environments of industrialized nations. Many things play into this – the smokestacks steaming up the urban skylines, the truck in front of you that hasn’t passed an emissions test since the 1980s, the trains chugging up and down the rails. But global warming plays...

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Ear Fullness: What’s It All About?

POSTED: MAY 24, 2018 We’ve all been there – the uncomfortable feeling that our ears can’t pop regardless of what we do. We try chewing gum, we plug our noses and swallow, we open and close our mouths so much we look like we’re participating in a lip-sync battle. But what is this feeling about? And how can some types of nasal rinse make it worse and some make it better? Lend us your ears The ears aren’t only for hearing (they hold our glasses in place, too). They are a complex network made up of bones, fluid, cavities, and passageways. The middle-ear is largely responsible for hearing, while the role of the inner-ear involves the dynamic maintenance of balance (that’s why some...

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Spring Allergies: Are They Behind Your Cold?

POSTED: APRIL 19, 2018 The common cold rears its stuffy head more often in cool weather – cold temps equal cold season. But the weather itself isn’t to blame. The idea that going outside with wet hair will automatically give you the sniffles? Lies! Instead, the cold comes from a virus and germs can enter your system whether it’s eight degrees outside or eighty. However, cool weather does irritate the nasal passages and make them vulnerable to germs (this is why colds show up more often in winter than summer). But allergies play a role in this, as well. Colds versus allergies Colds and allergies are not the same, but they often produce similar symptoms. A cold is caused by a virus, whereas...

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The Difference Between the Cold, Flu, and Seasonal Allergies

POSTED: APRIL 5, 2018 It can be difficult to tell the common cold from the flu or allergies. For you, the sufferer, the destination is often the same: the living room sofa. Sore throats, aches, and a nose that’s suddenly a long-distance runner – the symptoms of all can overlap. So how do you know what you have? And, importantly, how long will you have it? The common cold A cold is caused by a virus. It’s transmitted through air droplets released when an infected person sneezes or coughs. It’s very contagious – you can get it if a sick person coughs on you, sneezes on you, or if you touch a contaminated surface (such as a bathroom faucet). Do you have...

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Chronic Sinusitis and How Nasal Rinse Can Help

POSTED: FEBRUARY 22, 2018 Your cartilage is fit! How do you know? Because your nose runs and runs and never gets tired.  If you find yourself nodding along, you may be suffering from chronic sinusitis. This is a condition not only marked by a runny nose, but also postnasal drainage, nasal congestion, pain around the eyes, cheeks, nose, forehead, or ears, a reduced sense of smell and taste, a cough that gets worse at night, bad breath, fatigue, sore throat, and nausea. Yep, it reads almost like a cold remedy commercial! If you’re a sufferer, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, chronic sinusitis is one of the most prevalent conditions in the country. It affects all age and ethnic groups (really, anyone with a nose)....

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