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Coronavirus Arrived in the U.S. by Plane: Seven Tips to Protect Yourself on your Next Flight

POSTED: JANUARY 22, 2020 Afraid of the New Coronavirus? Seven Tips to Avoid Germs on Planes Study states, “the chances of getting sick on a plane are pretty high… cold transmission rate on aircraft was 113 times the normal rate on the ground” The BBC just reported the new China Virus Coronavirus has landed its first case in the U.S., brought here on an airplane. As reported in this article, “germ transmission rates on aircraft are 113 times the normal rate on the ground.” It’s common knowledge airplanes are dirty. One microbiologist’s investigation of eight flights found the MRSA superbug and norovirus on four out of six tray tables. He also discovered E. coli bacteria on 30 percent of plane bathroom sinks, toilet handles and faucet...

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Nasal Irrigation As Effective As Amoxicillin for Children with Sinusitis

POSTED: JANUARY 13, 2020 Nasal Irrigation As Effective As Amoxicillin for Children with Sinusitis Journal of Pediatrics Study states, “Acute sinusitis is common and usually treated with antibiotics in spite of the lack of evidence for the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy and the increasing number of resistant strains. “ A clinical study published in the Journal of Pediatrics set out to study, “A comparison of the efficacy of amoxicillin and nasal irrigation in treatment of acute sinusitis in children.” Considering the very high rate of antibiotic prescriptions as the first line of defense for sinus ailments among children, medical researchers are interested in identifying alternative, safer methods that are as, or more, effective. Sinusitis is a common condition in children. Children have an...

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Nasal Saline Irrigation “works as well as endoscopic sinus surgery”

POSTED: JANUARY 2, 2020 For children and adults, leading authorities agree nasal irrigation “works wonders in helping to clear colds and sinus infections … works as well as endoscopic sinus surgery”   From the Post-Gazette It was once a truth universally acknowledged that children should not be stuffing things up their little noses. And while that view still holds true generally, shooting large quantities of a saline solution into a child’s nose can work wonders in helping to clear colds and sinus infections. It’s called high volume nasal saline irrigation, and it’s sold in squeeze bottles at drugstores or big box stores. A patient or a parent holds the rinse bottle up to one nostril and gently squeezes the saline liquid, which...

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Antibiotics May Reduce Effectiveness of Flu Vaccine

POSTED: OCTOBER 1, 2019 A new research study by Stanford University shows antibiotics may reduce the effectiveness of the flu vaccine by disrupting the gut’s microbes. Have you had your flu shot yet? Doctors agree, the flu vaccine is recommended to avoid the flu virus. The Mayo Clinic says, “Getting a flu shot often protects you from coming down with the flu. This year’s annual flu shot will offer protection against three or four of the influenza viruses expected to be in circulation this flu season.”However, if you are taking antibiotics, that may reduce the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. According to a new research study reported by Everyday Health, antibiotics may make the flu vaccine less effective by disrupting gut microbes. A new...

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Study Shows Nasal Irrigation Boosts Exercise Performance

POSTED: SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 Study conducted by West Chester University Kinesiology Department shows nasal irrigation boosts exercise performance This study examining whether nasal irrigation boosts exercise performance was published in the Journal of Sport and Human Performance. According to the study’s abstract, the purpose was to, “examine nasal irrigation as a possible sodium bicarbonate ergogenic aid and observe its effect on exercise performance.” Many studies have been conducted related to consuming sodium bicarbonate – commonly known as “baking soda” – to improve exercise performance. According to an article in Healthline, “Sodium bicarbonate clears acid out of muscle cells, helping restore an optimal pH. This may decrease fatigue and increase performance.” However, consuming sodium bicarbonate orally can cause uncomfortable gastrointestinal distress. This study examined the...

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