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Spring Allergies: Are They Behind Your Cold?


The common cold rears its stuffy head more often in cool weather – cold temps equal cold season. But the weather itself isn’t to blame. The idea that going outside with wet hair will automatically give you the sniffles? Lies!

Instead, the cold comes from a virus and germs can enter your system whether it’s eight degrees outside or eighty. However, cool weather does irritate the nasal passages and make them vulnerable to germs (this is why colds show up more often in winter than summer). But allergies play a role in this, as well.

Colds versus allergies

Colds and allergies are not the same, but they often produce similar symptoms. A cold is caused by a virus, whereas allergies are caused by allergens. Both fester when something enters your nasal passage (either a germ or an allergen). Colds must run their course, but allergies can be remedied by removing whatever is causing them.

Allergies can promote colds

While they’re not the same, allergies can promote colds. They won’t cause them directly, but a nose that is suffering from allergies is already irritated. And an irritated nose is extremely susceptible to viruses – it all but calls germs up and asks them over for a dinner party. This leaves the sufferer in an endless cycle: allergies cause colds and each cause miserable symptoms.

The steps to prevention

The first steps to prevention is to know your triggers. Spring is a tough time for many allergy sufferers – the pollen in the air, the cotton trees, and the mold that thrives in moisture all work together to make sure your nose doesn’t work much at all. If you can avoid your triggers, do!

Of course, this is much easier said than done. But even some avoidance is helpful. Keeping your windows closed on high pollen days, for instance, can make a difference. So can staying indoors and eating foods beneficial to your immune system. Lubricating your nasal passages is key, as well.

When nasal passages are lubricated, they’re better able to fend off all invaders – germs and allergens alike. A nose with the proper amount of moisture can trap these invaders before they’re able to migrate further into your body. This keeps the cold from taking hold and keeps the allergens from festering.

It’s difficult to tell colds and allergies apart, especially in spring. But staying on top of your allergies helps fend off cold viruses. Nasal lubrication is an easy and convenient way to fight both.

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