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Nasal Wash Treatment for Sinus Health, Prevention of Covid19 Virus

Sinus Health Helps Fight Viruses
Regular Nasal Rinsing Improves Effectiveness of Medicine
Fight Virus Germs Every Way You Can
coronavirus maskThe Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends using a nasal wash for general nasal health, including aiding in cold and flu prevention.
Many people with lung problems (including flu and asthma) also have nasal and sinus symptoms.
Drainage from your nose and sinuses can make breathing difficulty and coughing worse, especially at night.
A saltwater nasal wash, or nasal irrigation, can help reduce this.
A nasal wash:
  • Cleans mucus from the nose, so medication can be more effective
  • Cleans allergens and irritants from the nose, reducing their impact
  • Cleans bacteria and viruses from the nose, decreasing infections
  • Decreases swelling in the nose and increases airflow