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Nasal Rinsing is the Best Way to Fight Back-to-School Germs


Children’s Hospitals agree!

Nasal rinsing is the best way to fight back-to-school germs. Ask any Ear, Nose & Throat specialist, and they will tell you keeping the sinuses clean and healthy is key to a strong immune system.

Flushing or washing out the nose restores the normal flow of mucus and clears away crusts from inside the nose. Routine nasal washes will help to clear infections, keep infections from starting, control nasal odors, decrease nasal stuffiness or promote healing after nasal or sinus surgery.


Parents, start your back-to-school germ fight TODAY before the onslaught of autumn colds and viruses begins. Study after study show the effectiveness of cleaning and moisturizing the sinuses to treat allergies and prevent infections. And most of all, regular rinsing arms your child with a strong immune system. The fall season brings lots of germs together in the classroom – give your young student a tool for good health, without the discomfort of traditional methods. Nasal rinsing is the best way to fight back-to-school germs. The NEW ResQRinse for Kids is specially designed to prevent fluid running down the back of the throat. No gagging or choking.

Children’s Hospital reassures parents it’s as easy – and important – as brushing your teeth:

It may seem like a weird think to be doing at first, but soon it will feel as normal as brushing your teeth or combing your hair! Think of it as a shower for your nose!!

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