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Nasal Rinsing for Kids: Your Gag-Free Solution


Nasal Rinsing for Kids: Pediatricians & parents know they need it, but often children won’t tolerate traditional methods.

Because of the gagging and choking common with traditional sinus irrigation methods, kids often approach having their noses cleaned with kicking and screaming.

One pediatric ENT doctor and mother describes the miserable process she went through with her young daughter:

“I crossed my legs over hers to keep them from flailing because the legs give more power to wiggle free. One of my arms crossed her body to hold both of her arms which allowed my free arm to rinse her nose with better control. Remember to watch your chin to avoid getting an angry head-butt!”

Is holding your child down and forcing a nasal rinsing treatment really worth it?

Medical science has long-ago proven the effectiveness of sinus rinsing for congestion, allergy treatment, and general health. Keeping nasal passages clean and moisturized is also an important method for preventing colds and viruses. This is especially important for kids, who seem to bring home new germs daily from school, child care and activities. Kids also touch their mouths and noses often, and spread bugs and viruses readily.

Nasal rinsing for kids is an effective, drug-free practice for prevention of illness and treatment of cold, flu and allergy symptoms. According to pediatric ENT Dr. Julie Wei

(T)he simple act of “washing” their little noses can significantly improve their quality of life by stopping chronic cough, nasal stuffiness, headache, and even runny nose. Furthermore, not only do the children stop having symptoms after washing their nose once a day … many of the patients had evidence of reversal of chronic sinus mucous membrane inflammation as seen on CT scans without using any medications or additional treatments.

However, many youths do not tolerate traditional rinsing processes such as squeeze bottles and neti pots due to gagging from fluid down the throat.

A New Solution for Children’s Sinus Irrigation

The new ResQRinse for Kids nasal rinse bottle solves this problem with it’s unique NasalLock™ technology. The act of blowing into the bottle causes choanal occlusion, closing off the back of the throat. With this process, all the saline rinse stays in the nasal cavities, and does not run down the throat. No gagging or choking, no discomfort, no holding your child down, no tears. In fact, most kids think nasal rinsing is fun, like blowing bubbles through a straw!

Here’s a video of young Liam showing us how easy ResQRinse for Kids is to use: