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Nasal Rinsing and Its Benefits


Nasal rinsing has been around since the beginning of time – from the pterodactyl that (possibly) used it to rinse out its beak to the humans who used it as folk medicine – as long as there have been noses, there has been nasal rinsing. But, why the popularity?

It’s easy: nasal rinsing allows us to breathe easier (and breathing is awesome!). It clears out the sinuses, removing mucus and muck and all kinds of junk. And it’s not just something that’s chalked up to lore; the medical field is behind nasal rinsing, too. In fact, doctors will tell you that it offers several proven benefits.

Some of these perks include:

Clearing the nose of mucus

As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of nasal rinsing is that it clears the nose of mucus, a secretion produced by the mucous membranes. While some mucus is normal, viruses and infections increase its production. There is a fine line between a moist nose and one that’s running like a faucet. Mucus, similar to so many things in life, is good…but only in moderation.

Reducing inflammation

Nasal rinsing also reduces inflammation of the nasal passages, as well as the sinuses. The latter is especially important in people prone to chronic sinus infections. Nasal rinsing may be able to eliminate the symptoms these infections bring along, including sinus headaches and runny noses. This reduces your Kleenex bill in the process!

Restoring moisture

While no one wants a nose full of mucous, some moisture is necessary. Without moisture, the nasal passages can’t fight off bacteria as efficiently. A nose that is especially dry may even bleed (probably while you’re wearing a white shirt). Nasal rinses help restore this moisture and keep the environment balanced. The nose knows when things are in order and it behaves accordingly.

A natural remedy

From colds to allergies, the sniffles are a common problem: it’s estimated that 50 million people in the US alone suffer from nasal allergies. There are numerous medications that help curb the symptoms, but they often leave people drowsy. Nasal rinsing, on the other hand, offers benefits without the drawback:  find relief while staying awake!

Post-operative wound care

Nasal rinsing is also effective for rinsing out a wound following a surgery. This rinsing helps keep the area free from bacteria, which reduces the risk of infection. It’s not just beneficial after true surgery, either; those who have used it on a new piercing have also found it helpful.

How nasal rinsing works

Nasal rinsing is easy: simply mix the saline solution, lean over the sink, and irrigate one nasal passage at a time. It’s worth noting, however, that contamination is a common issue. You should aim to replace your supplies every two to three months.

If you suffer from allergies or colds (or you want to prepare for the upcoming flu season), nasal rinsing can help. Lose the sniffles and keep the nose.

ResQRinse is a new nasal rinsing system that uses choanal occlusion, a process that eliminates the negative side effects of other devices. ResQRinse also improves effectiveness by delivering the saline rinse directly through the nasal cavity. To learn more about the wonders it can do for your nose, please contact us.