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How Nasal Rinsing Helps Keep the Flu Away


The aches, the pains, the sore body and chills – it’s no wonder the flu begins with an F. But, while this illness is a reality for millions of people each year, it doesn’t have to be. Some things help us avoid catching this contagion (like getting a flu shot or never having kids!). Yet, for those who want a more natural solution, nasal rinsing can help.  Yep, the nose knows how to keep the flu at bay!

To understand why nasal rinsing is effective, let’s first look at how the flu spreads. The flu is a contagious virus; being around someone who is sick is enough to make you sick, too. It usually enters your body through the nose, mouth, or lungs.

When someone with the flu coughs or sneezes, the droplets fly through the air and land inside the mouths or noses of those nearby. They may also be directly inhaled if the sneezing or coughing person is standing closely enough.

The flu can also survive on surfaces for around a day or so. This means that if someone sneezes into their hands and then touches a doorknob, that doorknob gets contaminated. If you touch it and then touch your mouth or nose, you can then contaminate yourself. It is for this reason that two things are highly stressed during flu season: 1) wash your hands often and 2) don’t touch your face.

The nose is a hospitable environment for the flu – it allows it to make itself at home. And that’s why nasal rinse helps: it makes the environment less welcoming. It does this by flushing out the flu virus before it can take hold – rinsing several times a day increases the odds that this virus will be eliminated before it can turn into a full-blown illness.

For those who have already come down with the flu, nasal rinsing can help reduce some of the nasal congestion. It may help reduce mucus and sinus pressure while opening the airways and allowing you to engage in a hobby you probably like: breathing!

Of course, there are other proactive things you can do to help keep your immune system thriving – eating lots of fruits and vegetables, working out regularly, getting enough sleep, and not licking any petri dishes will certainly help. And nasal rinsing will, as well – it’s just another weapon to add to your flu-fighting arsenal.

ResQRinse is a new nasal rinsing system that uses choanal occlusion, a process that eliminates the negative side effects of other devices. ResQRinse also improves effectiveness by delivering the saline rinse directly through the nasal cavity. To learn more about the wonders it can do for your nose during flu season and all times, please contact us.