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Coronavirus Arrived in the U.S. by Plane: Seven Tips to Protect Yourself on your Next Flight


Afraid of the New Coronavirus?

Seven Tips to Avoid Germs on Planes

Study states, “the chances of getting sick on a plane are pretty high… cold transmission rate on aircraft was 113 times the normal rate on the ground”

The BBC just reported the new China Virus Coronavirus has landed its first case in the U.S., brought here on an airplane.

As reported in this article, “germ transmission rates on aircraft are 113 times the normal rate on the ground.”

It’s common knowledge airplanes are dirty. One microbiologist’s investigation of eight flights found the MRSA superbug and norovirus on four out of six tray tables. He also discovered E. coli bacteria on 30 percent of plane bathroom sinks, toilet handles and faucet handles.

Airplane Defense Measures:

  1. Prior to flying, use a sinus rinse – this will clear your sinus passages, moisturize delicate tissues, and help your immune system fight germs

  2. Hand sanitizer: Use it early, use it often.

  3. Disinfecting wipes: Essential for killing germs on airplane surfaces, don’t be shy about pulling them out and using them. Everywhere. All the hard surfaces including armrests, TV remote, seat buckle, call buttons, and especially the tray table, which ranks the highest for concentration of bacteria.

  4. Saline nasal spray: Adding moisture to your nose during your flight will help boost your body’s germ defenses.

  5. If you have a compromised immune system, consider wearing a surgical mask.

  6. It may seem counter-intuitive to turn on your overhead air vent, thinking you are simply recirculating germy air, but the cabin filters actually help clean the air.

  7. Wash your hands – obvious – and use a paper towel to open the door (those door latches are stuffed with bacteria and debris in every nook and cranny.)


    “There are no industry-wide regulations on how well or how often planes must be cleaned.”

    While airline staff do a quick walk-through between flights, there’s not enough time to actually wipe down surfaces or use any kind of cleaning agents.



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